Oscar Martinez (Chux) guides the experience of body modification for those looking for a deeper meaning to the aesthetic of jewelry on ones body. According to Chux, 60% of his clients say their new piercing seemed to always be there and all he did was place the right piece of jewelry on it. At 16, Chux began piercing on the south side of Chicago alongside his best friend Juan Felix. While piercing the neighborhood kids- mostly young and Latino- who only knew gangs and the streets, Chux and Juan Felix aspired to think and live differently. Body modification became a passion for Chux and a means to change the realities of his surroundings. “My work is important for me and my community- it’s important to know how to use sterilizers, proper measures, and to know skin and the types of metals that can be used and healed.” With much respect for the art, his work stands out for its simplicity and physical resemblance to the individual’s personality and style. Implant Grade titanium (ASTM F136 6Al-4V ELI) is his preferred material, often used as implant to replace the human and animal bone, it is nickel free and certified by the U.S. government. Chux believes in the deep connection that comes with trusting one’s body to the piercer, he says this exchange leaves a lasting mark in both the professional and the individual. He is grateful to have found a form of expression through this work and hopes to be building a community of people who aspire for a deeper connection with our natural beginnings and original state of mind.