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How old do you have to be to get pierced?

14 years old for basic nostril septum or cartilage
16 years old for navels or advance ear projects
18 years old for nipples or genitals
ear lobes 7 or older

What type of ID do I need to get pierced?

State issue ID
if under age you need a birth certificate and a school ID together.

When can I change jewerly?

depends on the piercing and how well the person is healing

Can I go swimming after I get pierced?

after half of the healing time of your piercing or longer..

How much will it cost?

there a piercing feee and a jewelry cost
so it will be $___ piercing feee plus whatever the jewelry cost..

Do I need to make an appointment?

we do prefer an appointment….

Can I bring my own jewelry to get pierced with?

Only if it is from our studio or made of the High standard metals we use…

Can you change my jewelry for me?

only if the jewelry was purchase in our studio…

How long will it take to heal?

All piercings have  different time frames